Off to School


Recently, Blythe decided that she was a Big Girl and was ready to start Preschool.  The thought of sending my (last) baby off to school was both exciting and heartbreaking.  We found her a small preschool that was set up to meet her special needs (in addition to severe corn allergy, she also has Sensory […]

The Avoidance List


You should see the look on people’s faces when they see Blythe’s Avoidance List for the first time.  It almost always renders them speechless, and then, incredulous, they ask me how on Earth I feed her. Here’s how: We don’t go anywhere without the list.  Whenever I learn about another ingredient that might either contain corn […]

Corn and the devil


Believe it or not, corn is toxic to the body.  Don’t believe us?? Eat a corn on the cob and see what your stools look like tomorrow…go ahead. We’ll wait.   Did the kernels come out whole?  Did your body digest it to mushy normal brown, smelly stuff?  Or did it look like you pooped out […]