Corn and the devil


Believe it or not, corn is toxic to the body. 

Don’t believe us??

Eat a corn on the cob and see what your stools look like tomorrow…go ahead. We’ll wait.  

Did the kernels come out whole?  Did your body digest it to mushy normal brown, smelly stuff?  Or did it look like you pooped out a corn on the cob?  I’m a betting person – I bet it comes out looking like mushy brown stuff decorated with corn kernels – in all their yellow, tooth-shaped glory.  

Now imagine what your body does when you get corn-based chips, corn-based sugars, corn-based powders, corn-based cereals.  What about non-consumable products, like cosmetics, chemicals, plastics…do you think your body digests these any better than corn-on-the-cob?  Think about it…

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